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1. Which programs are currently available to international students?

  • Stevens-Henager College offers three different Master programs to international students:
    - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    - Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHA)
    - Master of Science in Nursing Administration (MSNA)
    - Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) March 2015
  • We also offer some Associate and Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare, Business, technology and Graphic Arts. Please contact us for Undergraduate degree as availabilities are subject to change.

2. Which program can I apply for?

  • Any bachelor’s degree or U.S. equivalent will qualify for the MBA, MIS or MSHA program. However, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is required for the MSNA program. We strongly recommend a background in Information Systems for MIS

3. Does the MBA program have any specializations?

  • The MBA program is a general program focusing on finance, accounting, international management, marketing, and information technology. However, you can have any concentration (or subject) for your Capstone Project.

4. What is the Capstone Project and how long does it take to complete?

  • The Capstone Project is similar to a thesis and is completed at the end of the program. You will have up to two months to complete your Capstone Project.

5. How many courses do I have to take and how long is the program?

  • The program is a continuous program and you will be expected to complete the program without interruptions. However, there are several holidays during which the college is closed along with a two week break during the month of December.